Wix is a leading cloud-based website building platform with millions of users worldwide. They make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional online web presence. 

There are 2 ways how you can install Callback Tracker on a Wix website:

  1. Embedding Custom Code to your site (Wix instructions here)
  2. Installing Callback widget using Google Tag Manager

In both scenarios, you will need to update your URL to make it "talk" to Wix servers. Check your Wix website URL and Replace all periods with dashes in your Callback Tracker online account under URL settings. 

Depending on what plan you have under Wix, you may have some restrictions on Custom Code installation this is why the best practice (we learned from our users) to use Google Tag Manager. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 - Setup Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is tag management system which allows you to keep your tags and third-party code snippets updated and organized in one convenient location.

  1. Login into Google Tag Manager and navigate to your domain
  2. Click New Tag
  3. Name the tag at the top of the page, then select the box labeled Tag Configuration
  4. Select Custom HTML
  5. Copy your dynamic code from “Code Embed” tab in your Callback Tracker online account.
    Note: Please remove <noindex> in the beginning and </noindex> at the end of the code line.
  6. Select the Triggering box, and choose your trigger.

Step 2 - Add Google Tag Manager to your Wix website


This feature is only available for sites with a connected domain.

Detailed instructions can be found here.

PS. Callback Tracker automatically sends events to Google Tag Manager with the following names: 

  • CallbackRequest - visitor requests a call
  • ShowOnBtn - callback widget displayed after a visitor clicked on the animated button
  • ShowAuto - callback widget displayed automatically by timeout
  • ShowOnExit - callback widget displayed before visitor exited a website
  • Event Category - CallbackWidget